Girls' Stick Buying Guide

Some good tips to keep in mind.


Girls' lacrosse is different than boys' lacrosse, and so are girls sticks. Today, the top manufacturers that make Brine, deBeer and STX lacrosse sticks offer the best in class gear. They all give you maximum control with the ball at an affordable price.

Although some lacrosse sticks for girls give you more bang for your buck, there are definitely cheap girls lacrosse sticks out there that still have a lot to offer. Take a peek at the qualities you need for your position, whether middie, attack, defense or goalie.


Look for sticks with slight flex throughout the top half of the head to allow for controlled passes, quick releases, and speedy shots. The best womens lacrosse heads for midfielders have a wider throat channel to naturally carry the ball in the middle to the top of the pocket. The “V” shaped head scoop works well for midfielders. Wider heads and low sidewalls along with the channeled stringing allows for an easy transition from offense to defense. If you’re an offensive midfielder, a pinched head will give you more feel with the ball and keep it nestled in the pocket if you get checked.


All girls' attack lacrosse sticks are designed with scoring goals in mind. Maximum offset from shaft to scoop allows for control even through double teams and stick checks because of a lower side rail and pocket. A pinched head keeps the ball centered in the head and offers control through dodges and fakes but still allows for a quick catch and release. Newer methods of stringing in attacker’s sticks use recessed sidewall holes to allow for pocket movement so the ball moves with you and your cradle instead of wobbling within the head. Look for “V” point scoops, which will keep the ball continuously flying out of the same release point on shots and passes, even on a rainy day.


Look for a girls' lacrosse stick that has stiffness throughout the head while offering a flattened or dropped scoop to allow maximum ground ball pickups. Girls' lacrosse heads aimed at strict defenders have low flex points and sidewalls to allow for maximum pocket depths to increase control when carrying the ball. Though you can always re-string a stick to your liking, many defensive girls' lacrosse heads come with a gripper pocket which allows for more ball control throughout a variety of seasons. Wider girls' lacrosse heads feature more surface area which increases a defenders' chance of knocking down shots and passes in the 8 meter.